How To Make A FaceTime Video Call On The iPhone 4

Now that you’ve got your iPhone 4 set up to make FaceTime video calls, there are three different ways to make one:

(1) From the Home screen, tap on phone, and then tap on Contacts to find the person you want to have a FaceTime video call with. When you get to their Info screen, tap the FaceTime windows button. If you have more than one phone number for this person (like home, mobile, etc.), it will bring up a list of their numbers. Just tap the one you want (remember to call their iPhone 4), and it makes the FaceTime call.

(2) You can make a regular phone call using the phone app, and once the person answers you can tap the FaceTime button to switch to a video call.

(3) If you recently had a FaceTime windows video call with someone, if you tap Phone from the Home screen, then tap the Recent button, you’ll see their name (or number) on this screen with “FaceTime” below it, along with a video camera icon. If you tap on their name to call them, it redials as a FaceTime call.

Whichever method you choose, the person you’re calling will have to accept your FaceTime call invitation. Once they tap Accept, your video call begins.

During Your FaceTime Call

When you make a FaceTime windows call, the camera on the front of the phone turns on first to show you a preview of how you’ll look to the person on the other end. Once they accept your call, your image shrinks down to a small thumbnail up in the top-right corner of your screen (like a TV picture-in-picture view), and their video image will fill your screen. You talk just like you’re using the speakerphone feature. If you need to pause the video part of your call (but keep the speakerphone live), press the Home button (this is handy if you need to look up something in another app). To return to video, tap the green bar at the top of the screen. To mute your mic, press the Mute icon in the bottom left of the screen Normally, the person you’re having a FaceTime windows call with will see you during the call, but if you want, you can switch to the camera on the back of your iPhone, so they see whatever you point your camera at, by tapping the Switch Camera icon in the bottom-right corner (the camera with the circular arrow around it). The tiny thumbnail in the top-right corner now shows the camera’s view on the back of your iPhone, so you can see what they’re seeing. To switch back, press the same Switch Camera icon. To end the call, tap the End button. More explained here:

Tip: You Can Move the Tiny Thumbnail Preview Window

Once you start aFaceTime windows video call, what your camera is showing shrinks down to a small thumbnail preview in the upper-right corner. If it’s blocking something you want to see, move it by pressing-and-holding on it, then dragging it to a different corner.

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