The individual who asked whether they can use FaceTime on the Windows Laptop or computer said that they had downloaded three applications from websites that offered FaceTime for Glass windows. It is this that I need to address first.

There areabsolutely facetime windows. FaceTime is a proprietary technology owned by Apple. A House windows version is not offered and not supported by either Apple or Microsoft. Both companies seem to be content to leave well by themselves,so no House windows version is expected anytime shortly.


Why do websites offer facetime windows? Your guess is as good as mine. I would believe that the software installed is either other video chat apps or malware. You need to remove it from your personal computer immediately.

If you have downloaded anything from websites purporting to provide FaceTime for Home windows, uninstall it now. Alternatively, use something like CCleaner to push removal.


Now your system is ideally clean; we can look at FaceTime alternatives for Windows. You will not have the ability to connect to a FaceTime user,and you will need to get those to use the same application otherwise nothing will continue to work.


Skype is the original Windows alternative to Face Time facetime windows. It works in much the same way but is more open and will work on most devices, Home windows, Apple, Android os or whatever. Skype to Skype telephone calls are free,and you could Skype to a cell or landline too if you pay a small sum for the call. Video and tone of voice quality are usually very good,and the app allows you to swap data, type information and other stuff while you call too.


Jitsi can be an open source video recording chat application that puts security leading and centre. It encrypts all traffic between computers,so all your traffic is safe. Tone and video telephone calls cannot be watched,and you may even maintain video conferences firmly. While you can have a merchant account and access premium services, you do not need an account to use it, which is neat.


Viber is almost a carbon duplicate of Skype with lots of the same features. Like Skype, all people need to use Viber to be able to video chat. Nevertheless, you can call out of Viber to a cell or landline for a modest price. While Viber got into trouble for collecting consumer data recently, they have since instigated a cleanup operation and end to end encryption,so your phone calls and data are now safe.


You can make video calls on Facebook although some don’t realise it. Even though many may be dubious about supplying the interpersonal network, even more, data to use against them, you will be able to use VoIP from within the program. Use the facetime windows to call other Facebook users on desktop or mobile, for free. It is useful and will be offering excellent call quality but no security.


Google Hangouts ensures the internet search engine giantis notbeing overlookedfor anything. Designed as a rival to WhatsApp, Hangouts offers video recording and voice chat through the browser or via an Android mobile phone. The minimalism that characterises most Google programs is present here too,but everything works as it should. Hangouts areobviouslybeing replaced by Google Duo and Yahoo Allo, but I have seen little sign of that happening as yet.

So as you know by now, there is utterly no FaceTime for Home windows and any website declaring often is not revealing to the truth. The good news is that we now have plenty of alternatives you can use between operating systems.

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