Top tech news 2016-2017


 The CES 2016 technology fair, which takes place annually in Las Vegas, once again has been the stage for presenting innovative products and services. Companies of large, medium and small sizes have taken advantage of the presence of journalists from all over the world to demonstrate their gadgets, such as a rolling screen or a smart belt. Acer, Samsung and LG are some of the most important technology companies taking part in the event. However, some carmakers have also announced news at CES this year. This is the case of Volvo, which seeks to transform the internal environment of cars into an entertainment area, since, within a few years, with the arrival of autonomous vehicles; drivers will not have to pay as much attention on the road as today. Most of the technological innovations at the fair show that, in the future, life can be made easier with the help of all kinds of gadgets, such as android on pc. Check out the latest exciting news from CES 2016.


LG introduced a 98-inch screen with 8K resolution. When playing 4K content, the UH9800 line-up improves picture quality in a process called upscalling – to deliver a superior visual experience to Ultra HD. Sales in the United States begin in the second half of 2016. The price, however, has not been announced on the tech news anywhere. The news that android on pcwill be available also made people wonder when more news would be around.

Smart refrigerator

Samsung has created an intelligent refrigerator called the Samsung Family Hub, which was mentioned on the latest tech news. The product has a 21.5-inch screen on your doorstep and lets you see the missing items through an app for smartphones or even you shop directly from this tablet-like display. The operating system, however, is not Android and, yes, Tizen. It is maintained by the Linux Foundation and based on the Linux kernel, but is supported by companies such as Samsung, Intel and Panasonic. To make viable purchases made from this tablet built into the refrigerator, the manufacturer has partnered with Mastercard. Purchases take place via the app called Groceries. The function is still limited, since it is only possible to use it in some US stores. The Samsung Family Hub has a suggested price of $ 5,000 and there is no forecast to release it. Find out more in this site :

3D Notebook

Acer introduced its new line of notebooks called Aspire V Nitro Black Edition. The products rely on Nvidia GTX960M GPU, Intel’s sixth-generation processor and have a 3D camera, also from Intel, RealSense. With it, you can use the Windows Hello facial recognition authentication feature in the latest edition of Microsoft’s operating system. Products from this Acer line hit the market in February with prices starting at $ 1,099. This is also a good thing to mention that face time windows will also be available sometime next year and that android on pc is also to come.

Netflix without internet

Volvo has unveiled an automotive system, made with Ericsson, that can play Netflix movies and series until you lose your internet connection when you go through dead zones of cellular network signal. The technology is designed for cars of the future, which will have autonomous driving, leaving the driver less concerned about the road, to the point of having to see a series while traveling in his vehicle, which is top information on tech news.